I speak about journalism, mathematics research, graduate school and community and equity. I've spoken to nine-year-olds, high school students, undergraduates and graduate students. Email me to book me as a speaker. Some quotes from a few Davidson students and a Morehouse professor:

I thought Dr. Duong was funny and personable and nerdy in the best way.
She discussed her involvement in the Women in Mathematics Symposia and the Women and Mathematics Program at Institute for Advanced Studies. I now want to look into these programs, considering I had never heard of them before today.
I was glad that Yen said it was beneficial to attend math talks even if you don’t understand everything because expecting to not understand had kept me from attending math talks before, and I didn’t understand all the math in this one. However, like she said, it is possible that I may encounter similar problems in the future and one day better understand what she was talking about.
She spoke warmly and enthusiastically about diversity. I appreciated her authenticity and open-mindedness.
Not everything works out the way you plan but that can work in your favor and you don’t let it stop you. You don’t expect a person with a PhD in math to become a freelance journalist. I hope the students heard your message about being open to opportunities as you never know where they may take you.

Some talks

Other Community and Equity Things

Representation matters today and everyday. Seeing people who look like you can help you succeed in whatever field you're in. I've organized and attended conferences which cater to specific underserved audiences.

Graduate school is not easy. I spent time in three different departments on my way to a Ph.D. and organized and attended panels and events to help people make it through.

  • The UCSB Hypatian seminar is special. It included panels from advanced grad students on how to do research/find an advisor/give a talk/teach, roundtable discussions, and cross-disciplinary speakers re: teaching, mental health, etc.
  • UT Austin has an incredible Distinguished Women in Mathematics Lecture series which invites women professors for talks and lunch.
  • UT Austin is also where Math Girl Margarita Night started, which I went to at UCSB. Hosting informal potluck brunches is a great way to support your community- we started that at UIC, inspired by a friend who did them at U Chicago.
  • I mentored a few undergraduates through the Direct Reading Program at UT. This is a high-impact, low-budget program that's been implemented at many, many schools but started at U Chicago in 2002.